When we worked with "Santa Clone", made with Construct 2, it came out pretty nice so we wanted to upload it to the AppStore... but the performance was far from good.


So, Damian (artist & game designer) came with a prototype for a platformer with a christmas theme, and it was cool. He used to work with "Construct 2" for prototyping, and after some work we decided to just upload the game to some portals (Kongregate, Newgrounds) as an html5 game.

When he finished the game, we wanted to try it as an app, and it was more difficult than we thought, Scirra is full of tutorials, forum threads, but it seems that are all outdated, or are really difficult, not to follow but to actually implement. I've read about Cordova, Intel XDK, Cocoon... For example, take this Intel XDK tutorial: is like "Close, Open, Export, Delete, Copy, Open Again...", why??... after reading that, I just discarded XDK. I didn't even tried because I would upload the game to AppStore if the process was simple enough. Then Cocoon... and nope. You must upload your project as a .zip, they process it (?) and you receive the .ipa, and also they have a "Pricing" option, is not a deal breaker but I didn't wanted a pay service. And finally, Cordova, I used before but it was slow for games, so I had no many hope on this.

So, I started. First creating the Cordova project, of course you must have Cordova installed:

cordova create projectFolder com.domain.projectName ProjectName

Once you have done this you can get into the folder:

cd projectFolder

You'll see some folders and the "www" one, is in that folder where you should copy your Construct 2 exported project. When you copied all the required files (don't forget the "media" folder of your C2 project!), you can add iOS as a platform, so inside your projectFolder use cordova to add iOS:

cordova platform add ios --save

And now, you'll see that a new folder was added... of course, the iOS folder (/platforms/ios). After adding the platform, you should add a plugin called "cordova-plugin-media"

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-media

When the project is ready, build it:

cordova build ios

In the iOS folder folder, you'll see the Xcode project, great! You have the app ready... nope. Try running it on an iOS device, you'll notice a huge performance lost.

By that time, we were looking to discard the iOS uploading, or taking out all particles, and elements that can be a problem for performance. Until I've read that cordova uses a default webview (without WebGl). Since iOS 8.0, Apple introduced a web view with webgl support, so I've started to looking for ways to use that webview for this project (WKWebView), and of course the great humanity already had a solution. A cordova plugin:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine
cordova build ios

Yes, build the lib again.

And now go and run your project again... BAM! Great performance! Yes, we were really happy. Maybe many of you knew about this, but honestly I had a hard time trying to figure it out searching at Scirra forums, only when I knew about WKWebView I found some threads about it. So I wanted to do this little tutorial, because is a very simple and functional solution to upload html5 games to the AppStore.

Let me know if this helped you. Thanks for reading!

Day 1 - A new beginning


Hello fellow developers, today I'm starting to write about the development of "Westorm", a fast paced run and gun platform game, with 2D art and we hope, an exclusive soundtrack. Some history about it: we began with the game on the last days of 2015, with an almost totally different idea. We wanted a more realistic art, and more strategic levels. But after actually trying some preliminar levels, our artist (and game designer) showed us a tiny character, funny and "badass". And "Westorm" had a new form, and a new world.

Original concept

Our "Before" hero


The new hero

Our "After" hero


So, we had the new art concept, and with that on mind we did a prototype, using Construct 2. We just wanted to feel how the character should be controlled, his movements, etc.

And the prototype was really nice.

So what happen?

One thing: funding. We use to work in some projects for clients, but even with that we couldn't afford a long term production, so we thought in talking with some of our good old sponsors (we used to make flash games), and voilá! we should have what we're looking for... err, nope. Not so fast, they were interested, in a flash version (yes! flash!). So if we wanted to do the game, we should have to do it also in AS3.0, ok, so we did a proper proposal, designs and development schedule. And again, not so fast... after many meetings, they backtracked, in another post I'll tell you more about it. The thing is, we couldn't get funds (we are still looking if you're interested, ;) ), but we don't want to abandon this project, so here we are, with an even more ambitious project, why? Because we want to do it for the Steam platform.

The protoype... looks pretty neat, right?


What's next?

Yes, we still have funding issues, but we have more experience in how to get it, and one of the most important thing to do is this: write. To look for you, our future player, to build the game with your help, your feedback, even with your network (more about this in future article). So, what's next? The next is to start sharing our daily (or weekly) work and advances since day one.

Godot projects window

Day one? Minute one!



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