Developer: TMO Games

Release date: Not defined yet

Platform: Desktop PC

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Description: "Westorm" is a run and gun game currently in development, with a structure designed for maximum replayability and versality. It's prototype is actually in constant development. We are aiming for a game with stunning visuals and a fun gameplay. Our references are Super Meat Boy, Broforce and Sunset Raiders.

The game: "Westorm" is a 2D platform game, featuring a group of cowboys (and a cowgirl). The player can choose a variable number of characters (according the level) to play with them one at a time. The player will travel through different environments, fighting against several types of enemies, and of course: bosses.

The game features several characters to play with, and each character acts as a life. If a character gets shot, the player will continue with another character. Each one of these will also have different stats and weapons. We want to achieve replayability with RPG features, the player will gain skills and abilities with points or experience. The movements are fast and dynamics, the player can jump, climb, shot and throw bombs, the scenery will allow to climb buildings, mountains, and objects. Some of the interactions of the character with the scenery ressembles to Super Meat Boy, Guacamelee and Stealth Inc (jumping from wall to wall or using double jumps). We want rich environments, desert, tundra, forests and more. We are working with a colorful, saturated and cheerful palette, but also with contrasts.

The game will be framed in a western universe, with many winks to scifi and spaghetti western movies. And last but not least, the game will feature a cooperative option.




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